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Transportation Strategy Development

Transportation service providers can offer shippers an astonishing array of capabilities and services.  The blending of air, sea and land carrier capacities can provide many advantages, but it can also present several challenges.  Flow Logistics’ advanced analytical tools and extensive experience in carrier operations can help you assess your company’s requirements, and create an optimal transportation strategy and distribution network so you can move your goods and materials more efficiently.

 These strategies include, but are not limited to:

  • Inbound freight management and vendor compliance programs
  • Routing of exclusive, contract and common carriers
  • Shipment frequency analysis and shipping schedule development
  • Shipment consolidation and route optimization
  • Continuous truckload movements
  • Multi-stop truckload load planning
  • Static vs. dynamic route designs
  • Inbound and outbound pool consolidation and distribution programs
  • Intermodal vs. truckload programs
  • Air freight programs
  • Integrated container return programs
  • Small package and expedited programs
  • Just-in-time programs

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