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Strategic Network Design

What combination of warehouses, inventory, plants and transportation assets does your company need to meet its sales and financial objectives? Does the supply chain network you set-up a few years ago still work with freight rates 20% higher and tighter capacity? What happens to your business in an “on demand world” when your supply chain can’t respond on demand?

Rapidly changing demand patterns, cost relationships and the globalization of the supply chain dictate that your firm needs to re-evaluate its' supply chain network annually. This means more than just a few minutes with an Excel spreadsheet; instead, it dictates the use of modern optimization and modeling tools to test the what-ifs and find the best, most resilient network strategy.

Flow Logistics uses the most versatile and powerful modeling system ever developed to address strategic and tactical supply chain issues.  We can assist your company with complex, high-impact supply chain decision-making.  Typical of the issues we address are logistics network design, site location and sizing, crossdock locations, global sourcing plans, post-merger supply chain analysis, planning for seasonal demand, tranportation planning and more.


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