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LoadOpt™- Web-Based Load Optimization

The LoadOpt™ program is a freight shipment consolidation optimizer. It takes as input information about a set of shipments due to be picked up or delivered within a limited time frame and determines the lowest cost combination of those shipments into full or partial truckloads. Thereby it helps you take advantage of the economies of shipping via a truckload carrier with en-route stop offs in contrast to standard LTL (Less than Truckload) carrier rates.

In determining the lowest cost combination, LoadOpt considers the direct LTL or truckload option (sending the shipment by itself) as well as the costs, distances, transit times and customer service requirements. Importantly, LoadOpt can also take into account your customer service requirements, giving preference to shipments that are already late or have been defined as "hot". The output of the solver is then directed into your Transportation Management Software (TMS) for the preparation of Master Bills of Lading for each of the combined shipments it has recommended.

Key Capabilities

  • Handles multiple origins to multiple destinations-either inbound or outbound
  • Provides for up to 3 pool distribution options at the destinations and 3 pool consolidation service at the origins
  • Uses new DOT hours of service regulations

Web Based Load Planning
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