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You've got good people, you know your business and you want to control your own supply chain.  However, you lack the efficient processes and state-of-the-art technologies needed to manage and optimize your transportation operations.  Our expertise and web-based technologies can help your firm design a world-class logistics network and implement the industry’s most advanced technologies and practices.

But we don’t just stop there.  Flow Logistics’ insourcing services will also help you implement our recommendations.  Unlike typical consulting firms, we stick around, roll up our sleeves and tackle the challenges of deploying a new network.

Our Insourcing Project Management Services Include:

  • Developing an optimal distribution and logistics plan
  • Reengineering your business process to take advantage of leading-edge logistics strategies and technologies
  • Tailoring technology solutions to your business process
  • Training your personnel in these new processes and technologies
  • Data collection, tracking and reporting
  • Post-implementation operational support


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