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Dedicated Fleet Optimization

Is your private fleet paying for itself? Do you even need a private fleet or should you be expanding the use of your private fleet?  In today's market of rising fuel costs, tight capacity and driver shortages, where and when to use a private fleet versus common carrier capacity is a critical business issue.  The combination of service requirements and common carrier availability as well as the large fixed costs associated with using your private fleet, are all part of the complex equation that determines the size of your dedicated fleet.  But how do you determine  the best value for your dollar?

Flow Logistics’ can assist in determing the where and when your private fleet should be used on both a strategic and tactical level.  With our expertise on private fleet operation and analysis tools we'll show you if having your own trucks is right for your situation, and, if it does, we'll determine the fleet size, type, and the routes and services it should perform for maximum benefits to your business and your customers.  You'll receive a fleet profitability and service quality analysis to help you make the right private fleet decisions

Once we have helped you determine the size of your fleet, our web-based load planning tools will insure that your private fleet is used to capacity while maximizing it's value in your business.  You will be able to untilize our LoadOptTM system to assist your dispatcher in making optimal day to day decisions.



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