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Our Mission

Flow Logistics, LLC is a logistics applications service provider and consulting firm specializing in web-based supply chain solutions.  We offer integrated, affordable solutions for your company in today’s rapidly changing logistics environment -- with minimal software investment or complex set-up.  We use state-of-the-art software to help your traffic and materials departments manage outbound customer orders and inbound purchase orders with multi-modal shipment planning.  Flow Logistics facilitates information flow between you, your carriers and consignees via the Internet.  Our services include web-based LTL shipment routing and consolidation, online carrier tracking and a multifunctional web-based transportation management system.  Flow Logistics offers a compelling package of tools to help you analyze, plan, and manage your outbound and inbound traffic. Your savings in freight dollars will more than pay for our services.

The Perfect Storm in Transporation and Logistics
Everyone is talking about the enormous challenges they face in transportation capacity shortages, fuel cost increases, and upward pressures on freight rates.  Many of our logistics clients have been grappling with these same issues recently, and are under the gun from executive management to provide the same logistics services at lower costs despite this sea-change in transportation markets.

To help to understand the magnitude of this crisis and how to deal with these dramatic changes, please take a moment and read The "Perfect Storm" in Logistics -- And That's Not Just A Cliche!  Feel free to share this with your management and associates to help them get a better feel for the tremendous challenges ahead and the aggressive actions which will be required to prosper in these next few years. Click here to download(PDF format).

We provide web-based solutions that help you to:

  • Reduce your transportation costs;
  • Expand your distribution capabilities;
  • Meet your customers' demands for higher levels of service and quicker response';
  • Ensures your supply chain helps you gain a competitive edge.



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