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Carrier Communications

Flow Logistics’ web-based transportation management system, eFlow™, helps shippers to manage and execute advanced transportation strategies. This requires reliable communication methods that can provide on-line, real-time and historical reporting, such as:

  • Verification of load tender and acceptance;
  • Pick-up and delivery instructions for complex multi-stop loads;
  • Confirmation of delivery appointments;
  • In-transit load status information for multi-stop and multi-carrier deliveries;
  • Updated product shipment status, from your vendors, for inbound collect freight;
  • Verification of actual delivery dates and times.

eFlow™ not only facilitates communication through standard EDI transaction sets, but also via other common communication tools, such as fax, e-mail, web-based user interfaces and formatted file transfers.  eFlow™ enables shippers to tailor their communication methods to the technological sophistication of their carriers.


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